Man Becomes Online Sensation After Mistaken for Woman & Asked to Wear Hijab in Mosque


Man Becomes Online Sensation After Mistaken for Woman & Asked to Wear Hijab in Mosque A hilarious video of a man with long hair being mistaken for a woman and told to cover up while inside the National Mosque has been making the rounds on social media.

In the 36-second clip, the man can be seen chilling inside the mosque when a female security guard approaches him, insisting he wears a robe.

“You need to put on this robe. Can you please wear it? You can’t just stroll around like this,” the guard instructs him.

“But I’m a dude,” he responds.

Despite his clarification, the guard sticks to her guns, demanding he changes his outfit.

“I’m not a lady, I don’t need to cover my head. It’s not part of my dress code,” the man argues.

Following the uproar, the National Mosque has issued an apology to the man.

In their statement, the mosque assured that they take the matter seriously, and the security guard has been given a stern talking-to.

Image via @masjidnegaramalaysia (Instagram)

“The guard involved has been reminded to be more aware of different situations while on duty.

“It’s important to note that the guard was hired through a third-party security company selected by the government,” the statement clarified.

The National Mosque expressed regret to the individual involved and the public affected by the incident. They also pledged to prevent such mishaps in the future to uphold the mosque’s esteemed reputation.

Netizens couldn’t help but see the funny side of the situation and flooded the comments section with their reactions.

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