Bali Proposes Raising Tourist Tax to RM236 to Curb Misbehaving Visitors

Source: SAYS

The Bali Legislative Council has proposed increasing the tourist tax from 150,000 Rupiah (around RM42) to RM236 in an effort to prevent disrespectful behavior from visitors.

According to a report by Awani, the Head of the Bali Legislative Council, Kresna Budi, stated that this new measure is in response to the rising number of tourists who have been acting inappropriately and disturbing the local community.

He emphasized that those visiting Bali should be of higher quality, not individuals who disregard the law and disrespect local norms and culture.

Kresna also suggested that a portion of the collected tax could be used to establish a dedicated tourism police unit to address specific tourism-related issues.

He further expressed hope that immigration officials at Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport would be able to collect the tax more efficiently. Additionally, he proposed that a percentage of the collected tax be allocated to immigration and airport authorities.

Since the implementation of the 150,000 Rupiah tax on February 14, only 40% of the estimated 2.2 million tourists entering Bali have paid the tax, according to the island’s tourism agency.

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