Gegar Amerika Praised for Disrupting US Independence Day Dinner Near KLCC

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An anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist youth movement called GEGAR Amerika earned praise after they interrupted a US National Independence Day dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on June 10th.

A representative from Gegar Amerika walked up to the hotel’s stairs with a loudspeaker, shouting “Shame on you” at the attendees for being complicit in the murder of Palestinians in Gaza. He highlighted the US’s role in sending weapons that killed women and children in Gaza.

The man was then escorted downstairs where his peers shouted “Free Palestine” while holding up a large protest banner.

On Twitter, Gegar Amerika stated that “there is no business as usual” as long as the US continues to fund genocide in Gaza. They claimed that since October 7th, the US has given at least USD 12.5 billion in military aid to kill Palestinians and accused the US of using the “humanitarian pier” in Gaza to massacre hundreds in Nuseirat.

Gegar also criticized Malaysia for being complicit, pointing out that the Royal Malaysian Navy will be training alongside the US and Israel in the biannual RIMPAC exercise in June. They also mentioned the Malaysian government’s USD 80 million contract with Lockheed Martin and Boeing, companies allegedly profiting from the genocide.

Social Media Reactions

Many on social media praised Gegar Amerika for disrupting the dinner, with some pointing out that everyone should open their eyes to the reality. They alleged that Malaysia was all talk and no action, as the government continues to support the US in some ways despite vocally supporting Palestinians on a global platform.

What Was the Dinner About?

The US Independence Day reception was hosted by the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, with Transport Minister Anthony Loke attending as the Guest of Honour. On Facebook, US Ambassador to Malaysia Edgard D. Kagan thanked Loke for emphasizing the “historic and enduring economic, security, and people-to-people ties that bind the United States and Malaysia.”

Kagan added that shared values and faith in diversity, democracy, good governance, and transparency between both countries underpin the relationship, enhancing investment, cultural, digital, and trade ties that make the US-Malaysia Comprehensive Partnership flourish.


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