Guy Chews Durian Skin Dipped in Sambal, Amasses 3.7 Million Views on TikTok

Source: Tiktok | @gamiyatravel

The Durian Delight

When you think of durian, you probably imagine its creamy flesh and strong aroma. Yum, right? Popular types include Musang King, IOI, D24, and kampung varieties. Normally, after enjoying the fruit, you toss the spiky skin. But not this TikTok user!

TikToker Eats Spiky Durian Skin

A TikToker recently posted a video of himself chomping down on durian skin, spikes and all. To add to the drama, he dips it in spicy red sambal before chewing, all while keeping a straight face, showing no sign of pain.

Why Eat the Skin?

Apparently, the TikToker had received numerous comments asking if he’d ever eaten durian. But who would’ve thought he’d go for the skin instead of the flesh?

Viral Sensation

The bizarre video has garnered 3.7 million views so far, capturing the attention of many. The comments are flooded with shocked reactions, as people can’t believe he’s actually eating the spiky skin.

Mixed Reactions

Viewers are mostly bewildered by his unconventional durian-eating method. “I think he eats the skin and throws away the flesh,” one TikTok user remarked.

Another person joked, “This is the right way to eat durian. You eat the skin, and I’ll take the flesh. Deal!”

Watch and Laugh

Curious to see this unusual durian feast? Check out the video and join the laughter in the comments section!

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