Life is tough indeed! Hardworking Duck in Diapers spotted Follows GrabFood Guy to Work

Source: Tiktok | @katiewapsz

In the Philippines, a hardworking duck in diapers has been spotted accompanying its owner, a GrabFood delivery guy, to work. This loyal bird never strays far from its owner and has become quite the local celebrity.

In videos, passersby are often surprised and amused to see the duck casually waddling around. The sight of the duck in diapers following the delivery guy has attracted a lot of attention.

But does the duck mind? Not at all. It’s a completely unbothered king, taking its assistant job very seriously and enjoying every moment of its unique daily routine.


We thought nung una, nakawala lang somewhere sa one ayala. Yun pala kasama ni kuyang grab driver tong pato na to na nakauniform din ng pang grab! HAHAHAH cuteee sumasideline na rin sya sa hirap ng buhay 😭 #grab #cute #fyp #grabfood #grabfoodph @GrabFood PH #duck

♬ bounce (i just wanna dance) – фрози & joyful

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