Malaysian Girlfriend Discovers Ultimate Nap Spot Under Office Desk, Inspires Office Snoozers Nationwide

Source: TikTok | @lizalee888

Workdays can be tough to power through, and we’ve all experienced the struggle. But hold your horses – a Malaysian worker might have just cracked the code to power naps in the most genius way. And guess what? She might not be alone in this undercover nap game!

A recent TikTok clip is causing a stir online, featuring a woman named Nor Azliza “Liza” Sadeli sharing her secret office nap sanctuary on her page @lizalee888. Yes, you heard it right – an office nap spot!

In the video, Liza spills the beans on the items she uses to create her nap haven under the work desk. Placing a blanket strategically under her table, she adds a pillow at one end for that extra comfort. To top it off, Liza ingeniously attaches a curtain strip she personally stitched to the desk’s edge, hiding her nap nook from prying eyes.

“I can confirm that it’s comfortable underneath here, as it’s cold and dark,” Liza cheekily captions the video.

With shoes off and a blanket spread, Liza dives into her well-deserved nap. Once the lunch hour wraps up, she neatly packs away her nap essentials and resumes her work duties.

Liza spills the beans that her genius idea was inspired by similar videos online, prompting her to create her very own “sleeping port” right under her desk.

“After this, I have to find another port so my colleagues don’t accidentally find me and record what I look like sleeping. But normally during work hours, there aren’t a lot of people in the office anyways,” Liza jokingly adds.

Earning a massive online response, the most fascinating revelation from Liza’s video is the countless Malaysians who resonated with her nap antics, confessing that they too indulge in office siestas!

“I have taken a power nap in my office before. From about 11 am, I closed my eyes, and before you know it, it was 4.30 pm! I was shocked that no one realized,” one user spills the beans.

With various confessions, many Malaysians spilled the beans on their preferred nap spots at work, from beanbags to closets, boxes, and even their cars.

“Same as me! Now, I have a room to myself, so it’s easy. The floor is carpet, so when I enter, I take off my shoes. When the afternoon arrives, I open a small mattress spread. Even a power nap for 15 to 20 minutes can make me feel good and fresh!” another user confesses with a wink.

So, there you have it – the secret nap society unveiled, one ingenious desk hideaway at a time. Who knew office naps could be so stealthily amusing? Join the nap revolution, folks!

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