Mother Elephant Waits Patiently as Perhilitan Rescues Her Calf Stuck in a Drain in Kelantan

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Do you remember the remarkable rescue mission by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (Perhilitan) back in May? They freed a wild elephant stuck in a ditch along the Gerik-Jeli East-West Highway.

Recently, Perhilitan faced a similar situation when they rescued an elephant calf trapped in a drain near Jeli, Kelantan. This time, the rescue was made even more heartwarming by the presence of the calf’s mother, who waited patiently by the roadside for her baby to be saved.

Perhilitan Rescues an Elephant Calf Stuck in a Drain, Mother Watches Over

In a touching video shared by Perhilitan, eight personnel from the Jeli District office arrived at the scene to conduct the rescue operation. The video begins with an adult female elephant standing calmly by the drain where her calf was stuck.

Two Perhilitan personnel carefully placed a harness around the calf, and with the help of a backhoe, managed to lift the young elephant out of the drain. Throughout the entire operation, the mother elephant remained composed, showing no signs of aggression, as if understanding that the rescuers were there to help her child.

Clearing the Path for Mother and Calf

After successfully freeing the calf, the mother and baby duo attempted to cross the road. However, the road barrier posed a challenge for the small calf. In a swift and considerate move, Perhilitan cut the road barrier, allowing the calf to join its mother and continue safely to the greeneries on the other side.

This heartwarming rescue mission showcases not only the dedication of Perhilitan but also the incredible bond between the mother elephant and her calf.

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