M’sian Fangirl Kena Hentam After Sneaking Into VIP Zone in KL Mall for Pic With HK Actor

Source: Tvb资讯分享站

Celebrities usually don’t mind snapping pics with fans – it’s a golden chance, right? But hey, there’s a time and place for everything.

Hong Kong actor, Kenneth Ma, recently hit up a KL mall for an event, drawing a swarm of fans eager to catch a glimpse of him and snap a pic. However, one Malaysian fan wasn’t keen on waiting her turn. In a video making the rounds, shared by the Facebook page Tvb资讯分享站, the woman, phone in hand, was being pulled away by bodyguards while a confused Kenneth walked off.

Despite being advised by the bodyguards and event hosts to step back, she was having none of it.

Turns out, the woman “invaded” a private area reserved for special guests – and she wasn’t one of them. So, the bodyguards had to yank her away from a snap with Kenneth at that moment.

Undeterred, the sulking fan stood her ground, persistently pleading for that coveted pic with Kenneth.

The event host approached her, attempting to explain the situation and comfort her. Luckily, things didn’t escalate, and the woman eventually got her pics with Kenneth – but only at the right time!

Another video captured her making a dash towards Kenneth for a pic. Sharp-eyed bodyguards swiftly intervened. The video has since been taken down.Sure, meeting your fave celeb is thrilling, but it doesn’t grant you VIP access or the right to snap pics whenever you fancy – timing is key!

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