M’sians Flip Apple’s Free Tote Bags from The Exchange TRX for Up to RM10,000

Source: SAYS

The free tote bags were packed neatly in a flat square box with a 3D Apple logo, reminiscent of the store’s unique “tudung saji” roof design.

The grand opening of Malaysia’s first Apple store on Saturday, 22 June, drew massive crowds, with over a thousand eager fans lining up to step foot into the stunning store located at The Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) in Kuala Lumpur.

Those lucky enough to be among the first to enter received a special gift package, which included a commemorative tote bag from the Apple store. However, these same Apple tote bags have now surfaced on online platforms like Carousell.

A quick browse reveals that these tote bags are being touted as “limited edition” items, fetching prices ranging from RM250 to a whopping RM10,000 each.

These free Apple tote bags have become highly sought-after collector’s items among Apple enthusiasts, with some listings even categorized under “luxury” on the consumer marketplace platform.

According to The New Straits Times, while some sellers are open to negotiations, others are standing firm on their prices. Some have even declared that they will sell the tote bag to the highest bidder.

The tote bag itself is a simple white cloth bag with the “JOM” theme of Apple Malaysia printed vertically. The back features the Apple logo alongside “Apple The Exchange TRX” printed in gold.

Over on X, formerly Twitter, netizens couldn’t help but poke fun at the sellers, joking that it now makes sense why Apple The Exchange TRX had such long queues during its opening.

So, would you be willing to fork out RM10,000 for a tote bag that was given out for free to lucky shoppers?

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