Hey K-pop enthusiasts, hold on to your lightsticks because something exciting is happening! 

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A high school dedicated entirely to the art of K-pop is set to open its doors in Busan by 2028. Yes, you read it right – a whole school just for the love of K-pop!

So, here’s the scoop: The Metropolitan City Office of Education in Busan announced that they are revamping a soon-to-be-closed high school to transform it into a specialized public high school, and it’s all about K-pop. Can you imagine going to school and having your textbooks filled with K-pop lyrics and dance moves? Sign us up!

The school, strategically located about 320 kilometers southeast of Seoul, is gearing up to become the first public high school with a focus on K-pop. It’s like Hogwarts for K-pop enthusiasts, but instead of magic, you’ll be learning the art of vocals, dance, instruments, and other K-pop-related awesomeness.

Here’s the cool part – not only local students but K-pop enthusiasts from all over the country and international fans are eligible to enroll in this one-of-a-kind school. Imagine making friends from different parts of the world, all united by their love for K-pop – it’s like a global K-pop family!

The school’s construction is on a mission – to provide specialized education that aligns with the booming K-pop industry. It’s like they’re creating the next generation of K-pop stars right from the classroom. Move over math and science; it’s time for K-pop 101!

For those unfamiliar with the K-pop scene in South Korea, major entertainment agencies run rigorous idol training programs known for their intense training and systematic processes. Now, imagine all that but with an entire high school curriculum dedicated to the art form. Talk about taking education to a whole new level!

So, mark your calendars for March 2028, pack your bags, and get ready to dance your way through high school – K-pop style! This school is about to turn “homework” into “home-choreo,” and we’re totally here for it!

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