[Watch] Shopper Shocked to Find Sewage Water Pouring on Car at TRX Parking Lot

Source: Tiktok | @leo.the.lawyer

This incident occurred when two friends were heading back to their car after dinner.

Just last weekend, The Exchange TRX in Kuala Lumpur made headlines with the grand opening of Malaysia’s first Apple store.

However, yesterday, a TikTok user shared a rather unpleasant experience at the mall’s parking lot.

On her TikTok account, Eyera claimed that a pipe had leaked directly above her parked car, a white Volkswagen Beetle.

After finishing dinner with a friend, Eyera found that the pipe was dripping “water” onto her car.

To her dismay, it wasn’t just any water.

As they got closer to the car, they noticed a terrible smell. The video suggested that the water was from a broken sewage pipe.

The water had a brownish color, and there were visible brown specks on the car’s surface.

Later in the video, a man is seen holding an umbrella over the car while repairs were being done on the broken pipe.

Eyera and her friend also reportedly demanded that TRX management provide them with a free car wash and free parking for a year.

The video quickly went viral on social media, shocking many netizens about the incident at the brand-new shopping mall.

One netizen commented that she would have taken a Grab ride home and asked the management to handle the car wash and return the car.


A lil surprise after dinner from TRX🥴🥴 #fyp #trx #malaysia

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