Netizens Worried as Bukit Bintang Turns into African Prostitution Hub

Source: Vocket

Netizens are growing increasingly concerned about the rise in prostitution involving foreign nationals in Malaysia.

Prostitution is strictly prohibited in Malaysia, and offenders face severe penalties if convicted by the courts.

Recently, Bukit Bintang has become a hotspot for African prostitutes who are reportedly soliciting customers at night.

Citizens are urging authorities to take firm action to address this troubling social issue, which they find deeply distressing.

This situation poses significant risks to society if left unchecked, including the spread of diseases like HIV/AIDS.

These activities are particularly visible around Jalan Changkat and Jalan Nagasari, areas popular with both locals and foreign tourists at night.

Some have questioned the effectiveness of law enforcement, wondering if action will only be taken once netizens have publicized the issue.

The problem of prostitution seems to be worsening every day, not just in back alleys as widely shared online, but also through online platforms like Telegram.

Previously, authorities have made several arrests, with offenders being brought to court to face severe penalties.

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