In a quirky twist of love and noodles, a Chinese man named Lin Shun Jian from Malaysia decided to spice up his love life, quite literally! 

Source: Instagram | @mustsharenews

Recently, he tied the knot with not one but two wives, Wang Ai Hui and Dewi Kartika, in a wedding ceremony that caught everyone’s attention in Kuching, Sarawak.

Source: Instagram | @mustsharenews

The wedding photos, which quickly became Facebook sensations, showcased the groom sharing a bridal cake with both his partners and posing happily in portraits with each bride. Talk about doubling the joy!

Source: Instagram | @mustsharenews

Now, who is this guy? Turns out, he’s the proud owner of a kolo mee hawker stall. And guess what? His two wives-to-be were not just any ladies; they were his dedicated employees working at the noodle haven.

According to insider scoops from the noodle world, the trio found themselves entangled in the web of love while working side by side at the noodle stall. It seems like the aroma of kolo mee wasn’t the only thing sizzling at their workplace!

In the midst of noodles and romance, Lin Shun Jian decided to take the plunge into a polygamous marriage, and the unconventional wedding captured the imaginations of many.

Netizens couldn’t help but share their thoughts on this unique love story. Some applauded the man’s ability to handle not one but two wives, while others wondered if love brewed better in a bowl of kolo mee.

One thing’s for sure, this noodle shop love saga has added a generous serving of spice to the typical love story. Who knew that a hawker stall could become the backdrop for such a unique and heartwarming tale of love? Here’s to hoping their love life is as delicious and satisfying as a bowl of hot kolo mee on a rainy day!

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