Private Pediatric Consultant Earns Up to RM70K a Month, Sparking Interest

Source: Tiktok | @malaysianpaygap

A private pediatric consultant has gained attention after revealing her salary, which can reach up to RM70,000 a month.

From Government to Private Sector About 15 years ago, this doctor, Dr. Nisa, earned a basic salary of RM2,500 per month while working in the government sector. Today, in the private sector, her salary ranges from RM60,000 to RM70,000 a month! She mentioned that her salary quadrupled when she moved from the government to the private sector. In the government, a consultant’s salary is around RM16,000 to RM20,000 per month.

Opening Up About Salaries Talking about salaries can be taboo, but an organization called MalaysianPAYGAP has started an online discussion about salary transparency. They shared a TikTok video interview with Dr. Nisa, shedding light on her impressive earnings.

Dr. Nisa’s Journey and Advice In the comments, Dr. Nisa revealed she wanted to be a doctor since primary school. She emphasized the importance of completing medical training and acknowledged that every job has its pressures, not just medicine. Dr. Nisa shared that things get easier after completing the training period and spoke about the sacrifices she made, like having a baby during her training and not being able to spend much time with her child.

Hard Work and Long Hours Dr. Nisa also mentioned that doctors often have to be on call for 35 to 40 hours straight without sleep. Her story highlighted the dedication required in the medical field.

Comparing Salaries In Malaysia, the minimum wage for private sector workers has been RM1,500 since May 2022. Economist Dr. Muhammed Abdul Khalid suggested raising this to RM2,100, while Bank Negara Malaysia proposed RM2,700. Currently, the minimum salary for government doctors is RM2,947. This means that the starting salary for government doctors has increased by less than RM500 over 15 years.

Public Reactions Many people praised Dr. Nisa for her humility despite her high salary. One commenter noted that pediatric specialists are rare in Malaysia, justifying the high pay. Another TikTok user said that specialists deserve such high salaries due to their extensive education and the challenges they face.

The significant salary difference has led many Ministry of Health staff to switch to the private sector. Despite her high income, Dr. Nisa remains modest, which has won her admiration. “Even though our salaries are different, our lipstick is the same,” one TikTok user quipped, referring to the lipstick Dr. Nisa was holding.

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