SIP was found dead by hanging in a guesthouse in Padang

Source: Tribun Jateng

Here’s the story of how SIP was found dead by hanging in a guesthouse in Padang. Social media was buzzing with news of a girl found hanging in a guesthouse in Padang. The girl, known as SIP, was 25 years old.

It started when a guesthouse staff member went to SIP’s room. They wanted to remind SIP that her stay duration was up and she needed to check out. But there was no response from inside the room. So, the staff member decided to leave. Two hours later, they came back with the same intention, but still, no response from inside.

Finally, the staff decided to enter through the window. That’s when they found SIP hanging in front of the wardrobe in the room. They immediately reported the incident to the police. Upon examination, no wounds or signs of other violence were found. SIP’s body was taken to the Bhayangkara Hospital of West Sumatra Police Headquarters for autopsy before being handed over to the family for burial. Previously, it was rumored that she committed suicide due to failing to marry because her family did not approve.

The viral video was uploaded by TikTok user @fara_nisa96, with the caption “what’s viral in Padang, a beautiful girl failed to get married” on Wednesday (15/11/23). According to the information in the video, the victim’s initials were SIP. She was found dead by hanging in a guesthouse on Veteran Dalam Street, Purus, Padang West District, Padang City. “Are you so in love with your boyfriend that you choose the shortcut instead of living without him,” the video caption reads.

In the comments, netizens discussed that the victim was left by her prospective husband. While others mentioned that the cancellation of the wedding was related to the unfulfilled blessing of the family.

“The girl was left by the guy she was going to marry,” wrote @akun di blokir.

“No, it’s rumored that she received news from some people that the wedding was canceled due to the lack of blessings, but it’s not clear if this is true or not,” replied @akupendiam08.

“If it’s true that it was blocked by blessings but they’ve already taken pre-wedding photos, I saw them on her IG profile,” commented @riza2806.

Additionally, in a TikTok post by @alma.amiliya, it was mentioned that SIP committed suicide because the groom’s family asked for a dowry of 500 million.

“Because the boy’s family allegedly asked for a dowry of 500 million and they were supposed to get married in January 2024,” she wrote.

This incident sparked speculation and discussions among netizens, with some noting that they had seen pre-wedding photos of the couple on the victim’s Instagram profile. It is known that the victim came from the Rawang sub-district, Pariaman Tengah district, Pariaman City. She was found hanging in the wardrobe in a room on the second floor of a guesthouse in Padang, West Sumatra. Authorities have contacted the victim’s family and are conducting an external examination at Bhayangkara Hospital in Padang.

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