This Is Sad, Store Worker Finds Cat in Luggage.


In this world, most people surely adore cats. Sometimes, when you’re out and about, you might encounter someone among your circle feeding stray cats.

For those who keep cats as pets, they undoubtedly shower their feline companions with immense affection.

However, when they end up keeping too many cats to the extent that they can’t afford to care for them anymore, some cat owners might opt to rehome them to others.

If given to someone else for care, that could still be acceptable, as at least the cats would receive proper care. But if you simply abandon them on the roadside or confine them in enclosed spaces, that’s a cruel act.

Recently, a video surfaced showing several store workers discovering several cats trapped inside some luggage bags.

In the video shared on TikTok by Sheikh Al Arjan, several cats can be seen being rescued from within those bags.

His heart felt heavy seeing the small kittens and adult cats being taken out of those bags.

“Around 8:30 pm, I saw a car enter this area. Within 15 minutes, the car left again, maybe they changed their minds and ate elsewhere,” he wrote in the video.

Then, he recounted that at 3 am, his workers spotted three luggage bags in the parking area.

As they approached the bags and opened them, they found four adult cats and kittens inside.

“Some had urinated and defecated inside the bags,” he added.

He also expressed that the cats might have felt exhausted, overheated, hungry, and scared from being trapped in a dark place.

Through the video @sheikharjans, he estimated that the cats had been trapped in those bags for six hours.

Later, the rescued cats were placed in a large open cage. He gently stroked them.

The man, who referred to himself as ‘abah’ in the video, said, “It’s okay, abah is not rich, doesn’t have much wealth. Abah will never be poor as long as abah can take care of all of you.”

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