[Video] Child Shares ‘Lazy Cake’ Recipe, Revealing It as Malaysia’s Popular Batik Cake

Source: Tiktok | @renadwatermelon

A young girl from Gaza named Renad shared a recipe for ‘Lazy Cake’ using ingredients like cocoa powder, biscuits, sugar, milk, and cooking oil.

Despite the ongoing attacks in Gaza from Israeli forces, the resilient residents continue to rebuild their lives. This determination shines through in a video uploaded by Renad, showcasing her recipe for a simple dessert.

Gaza Girl Shares Batik Cake Recipe

In a TikTok video (@renadwatermelon), Renad from Gaza demonstrated how to make ‘Lazy Cake.’ She used sugar, cooking oil, milk, water, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and two packs of biscuits.

The ingredients were mixed to form a thick chocolate mixture, then combined with the biscuits. The mixture was placed on plastic wrap, rolled with aluminum foil, and refrigerated overnight.

Upon closer look, the method and ingredients are similar to making Batik Cake, a popular dessert in Malaysia. The video has garnered significant attention, reaching 999,900 views at the time of writing.

Encouragement and Support

Viewers were moved by Renad’s video, leaving encouraging comments. A TikTok user noted that the dessert is known as Batik Cake in Malaysia, saying, “In Malaysia, we call it Batik Cake. Love you, Renad. Fi Hifzillah.”

Many people expressed their excitement to try the recipe and encouraged Renad to make more videos. They also noticed the sound of sirens in the background, a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the people in Gaza.

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