[Video] Public Amused by Hanis Zalikha’s Daughter Whining to Meet Lee Zii Jia

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Lee Zii Jia even spent time playing badminton with Alisa Aisyah inside their home.

Besides Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Lee Zii Jia is another beloved local badminton player well-known among Malaysians.

Hailing from Kedah, Zii Jia has achieved numerous victories in international tournaments.

He is admired not only by adults but also by children who enjoy watching badminton matches.

Hanis Zalikha’s Daughter Yearns to Meet Lee Zii Jia

In a video re-shared on X (@baldhaenton_), the daughter of local actors Hanis Zalikha and Hairul Azreen expressed her desire to meet Zii Jia.

When asked what she wanted, the eight-year-old Alisa Aisyah was seen whining because she wanted to meet the badminton star.

Alisa even cried because she wanted so badly to meet Zii Jia.

To fulfill their daughter’s wish as a fan of Zii Jia, the actor couple secretly invited the player to their home for a surprise.

Alisa was adorably shy when she finally shook hands with Zii Jia.

Zii Jia also spent time playing badminton with the little girl inside the house, using a small-sized racket that Alisa used.

Malaysians Amused by Alisa’s Eagerness to Meet Lee Zii Jia

In the comments section, many were amused by Alisa’s excitement over meeting her favorite badminton player.

“Alisa, same energy. Welcome to the clingy club,” said one X user.

Some social media users pointed out that this video serves as evidence that Zii Jia is not as aloof as some people have claimed.

“This video actually proves to netizens who accuse Lee Zii Jia of being arrogant. In reality, he has a good attitude towards those around him. He even visited Hairul’s house twice just to meet Alisa,” wrote an X user.

Meanwhile, another social media user questioned the behavior of young children wanting to meet famous figures in Malaysia.

“Recently, Lala (Ernie Zakri and Syamel’s daughter) wanted to meet Uncle Aziz Harun. Now, Alisa meets Uncle Zii Jia. Who’s next to get cranky wanting to meet a famous uncle?” asked an X user.

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