[Video] Restaurant Owner in Vietnam Kicks Out Tourists Believed to be from Israel, Bans Them from Dining

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The owner of Railway Train Cafe in Vietnam refused to allow tourists, believed to be from Israel, to dine at their establishment, ultimately kicking them out.

It is widely recognized that people around the world are increasingly advocating for justice for the people of Palestine, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Not only in Islamic countries, but even in the West and Asia, people are passionately showing their support by chanting “Free Palestine.”

Individuals Believed to be from Israel Expelled from Vietnamese Restaurant

In a recent video reposted on X (@Boendiantar4), the owner of a restaurant in Vietnam can be seen expelling a couple of tourists, believed to be from Israel, along with their children, as they were not welcome there.

Angry that the tourists refused to leave, the owner showed an obscene gesture using his middle finger toward the couple.

The restaurant owner also tried to stop the tourists, named Daniel and Raziel Namdar, saying, “Don’t come to my restaurant. This restaurant is only for humans, dogs, and cats. You are not human. Go away!”

Unsatisfied with the treatment they received, the tourists asked, “Am I not considered human because I am Jewish?”

The tourists then claimed they were from Palestine, which surprised the owner, who began welcoming them.

“You’re from Palestine? Great. Welcome,” said the restaurant owner.

Daniel then replied that he was Jewish and proud of his heritage.

However, the situation escalated when the owner brought up the bombings in Gaza.

The Railway Train Cafe owner also pointed to a ‘Free Palestine’ sticker on the restaurant’s signboard as a show of support for Palestine.

Frustrated with the situation, the tourists took pictures of the restaurant to spread the word, hoping to deter others from visiting.

Public Support for Restaurant Owner’s Stand with Palestine

The video went viral on X after being reposted by a user (@Boediantar4).

Many people expressed their support for the restaurant owner’s actions in expelling the tourists believed to be from Israel.

“This time, I respect Vietnam. May their business flourish for kicking out those from Israel,” said a user on X.

Others praised the owner’s firm stance in barring the tourists from dining at the restaurant.

“Only for humans, dogs, and cats. Much respect,” commented another netizen.

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