[Video] Russian Girl Praised for Not Demanding High-Salary Husband

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A Russian woman named Daria believes her future husband only needs to earn around US$500, roughly RM2,353.

Every woman dreams of marrying a man who can fulfill the responsibilities of a husband. However, some women do hope for a wealthy spouse to ensure a comfortable future.

Marriage isn’t something to be taken lightly, as it involves spending a lifetime together, as long as fate allows.

Russian Woman Unbothered by Husband’s Income, As Long As He Can Cover Living Expenses

Surprisingly, Daria, a Russian woman, doesn’t care about her future husband’s income as long as he can manage the living expenses.

In a TikTok post by @spstreetstory, Daria mentions that her future husband only needs to earn around US$500, approximately RM2,353.

“It doesn’t matter how much the man earns each month, as long as it’s enough to cover all living expenses,” she said.

Men Must Give Money to Bride’s Parents for Wedding

According to Russian tradition, men must give money to the bride’s parents for the wedding, usually around US$200 (approximately RM941).

Daria explains that the future husband also needs to cover all other wedding expenses.

Friend’s Wedding Costs Only Around RM3,000

Daria shares that her friend, getting married in August, will have all expenses covered by the groom. The wedding will be a small affair, costing around RM3,298.

“They (the couple) spend money not on the wedding, but on the honeymoon trip,” she added.

Daria revealed this after being asked how much a man needs to earn to marry a Russian woman.

Netizens Amused, Some Even Want to Go to Russia

Scrolling through the comments, social media users, mostly men, reacted humorously. Many joked about going to Russia to marry girls there, given the affordable income and wedding costs.

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