[Watch] From Viral Fight to Virtual Mockery: Sober Karate Session Draws Ridicule

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Following a viral video of a fight between a store owner and a customer in Penang, the customer, who claimed to have a black belt in karate, has faced online mockery after uploading a video of himself practicing martial arts.

In the wake of the highly publicized altercation at a Penang grocery store, the customer has once again found himself in the spotlight. This time, he uploaded a video on social media showcasing his martial arts skills, claiming he held a black belt in karate.

The video, set to an upbeat soundtrack reminiscent of the iconic theme from the Rocky film series, was intended to demonstrate his karate prowess. However, instead of receiving praise, the video drew ridicule from netizens.

Netizens’ Reactions

The video spread quickly across social media platforms, but the response was far from positive. Many netizens mocked the man’s skills, questioning the legitimacy of his claimed black belt status.

One user commented, “Martial arts is about discipline, not acting like a drunk gangster. A belt and shirt don’t make you a true practitioner. When you’re wrong, admit it instead of twisting the story.”

Others urged the public to stop trolling him, with one user saying, “Guys, stop trolling him. A mistake happened. Are we gaining anything by doing this? He would learn the lessons. Just stop it!”

Calls for Reconciliation

Amidst the criticism, some users offered constructive suggestions. Justin Tan commented, “I think the best thing for them to do is to reconcile, shake hands, and make a video with some public service message about not fighting, then make that video viral. Can get Ann Joo and KFC to sponsor the video.”

Another user, Alfian Ahmad Reborn, expressed sympathy for the customer, saying, “Kesian uncle ni. Tak sampai hati nak troll. Harap-harap lepas ni dia stop mabuk-mabuk and kacau orang. Dan jadi lebih baik. Kita ramai-ramai doakan dia jadi lebih baik.” (I feel sorry for this uncle. I don’t have the heart to troll him. Hopefully, after this, he will stop getting drunk and disturbing others. And become better. Let’s pray for him to improve.)

Intoxicated Confidence: Customer’s Sober Victory Claim Falls Flat

The original incident, which took place last week, involved a physical confrontation between the store owner, a former Taekwondo coach, and the customer. The customer, who admitted to being intoxicated at the time, claimed that he would have emerged victorious had he been sober, citing his karate expertise.

This incident has sparked discussions about the true essence of martial arts and the importance of humility and discipline. As the story unfolds, it serves as a reminder that both real-life and social media actions can have far-reaching consequences.

Video : Facebook | ventri online

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