Amira Jeffri’s Unexpected Birth Journey: From a Lift Mishap to a Car Delivery, A Story of Chaos and Love

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Welcoming a new life into the world is an incredibly powerful and beautiful moment. Holding your baby for the first time after nine months of anticipation is just so fulfilling.

In a recent heartwarming post, mother @amirajeffri shared her unique experience of giving birth to her second child on TikTok.

An Unforgettable Journey

Amira’s water broke while she was in the lift. She shared an unexpected yet unforgettable moment with her husband, Fauzi, as they experienced the birth of their baby halfway in the lift and completed the delivery inside their car.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Amira described how it all started with frequent and intense contractions. Two hours later, she woke her husband, and they rushed to the hospital.

As they descended from the 28th floor to the car park on the 5th floor of their apartment in Johor, Amira’s water broke. The pain became unbearable, and she could hardly walk.

A Chaotic Delivery

“As we went down from the 28th floor to the car park on the 5th floor, I started giving birth while standing in the lift. I held on until we reached the car, but by then, my baby’s head was already coming out.”

Upon reaching the car, Amira recounted the chaotic moment when she cried out in pain while holding her baby’s head to prevent it from falling. She began pushing, and her baby was safely born on May 3rd at 4:50 am. She and her husband fell silent for a moment as the baby cried, overwhelmed by the experience.

“My husband and I rushed the baby straight to the private hospital next to our house, just a 3 to 4-minute drive away.”

A Touching Connection

Amira continued, sharing how when they reached the emergency room, the nurse and doctor quickly brought all the necessary equipment, even cutting the umbilical cord right there in the car.

“I was supposed to deliver my second baby on May 5th, which is also my late father’s birthday. But it just hit me that I ended up giving birth in his car. It made me feel both sad and happy at the same time.”


030524 unexpected and the best memories for me & husband 🥹🤍 baby was delivered halfway lif and inside the car.

♬ Photograph – <3

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