Apple has recently faced criticism for its latest iPad Pro advertisement

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Apple has recently faced criticism for its latest iPad Pro advertisement, which many perceive as being insensitive to the current challenges faced by creative communities.

The one-minute-eight-second ad, titled Crush!, was unveiled by Apple CEO Tim Cook on X platform on 8 May. It showcases an industrial-sized hydraulic press crushing various objects symbolizing human creativity.

Accompanied by Sonny and Cher’s song “All I Ever Need Is You,” the hydraulic press crushes items like a record player, trumpet, piano, television set, arcade machine, paint cans, and more. The ad concludes with the hydraulic press lifting to reveal the iPad Pro, while a voiceover declares it as “the most powerful iPad ever” and “also the thinnest.”

However, viewers criticized the ad for being “tone deaf,” particularly at a time when creative communities globally face uncertainties about the potential impact of generative AI on their livelihoods. This backlash has drawn attention from notable figures like Hollywood celebrity Hugh Grant and various thought leaders worldwide.

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