“Chaos in the Sky: US Comedian Shares How Durian Sparked Panic on Flight from Hawaii”

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Kate Micucci’s Hilarious In-Flight Drama

In-flight stories can range from amusing to downright terrifying. American actress and comedian Kate Micucci recently shared one such bizarre experience on “Joy,” a podcast hosted by Craig Ferguson.

Ferguson posted a snippet of the podcast on his TikTok account @craigy_ferg, where Kate, known for her role as Lucy on The Big Bang Theory, recounted an unusual incident that happened while returning from a family trip to Hawaii.

The Unexpected Smell

The flight from Kailua-Kona to Los Angeles took an unexpected turn about 20 minutes after takeoff when a strange odor filled the cabin. Kate was busy on her computer while her son slept, when she suddenly noticed a gas-like smell.

“…I smell gas,” Micucci recalled in the video. Other passengers also started noticing the smell, leading to rising concern. Kate’s husband, Jake, called a flight attendant, who confirmed the strong scent.

Panic Ensues

The flight attendants, after discussing with the pilots, assured the passengers that everything seemed fine but would monitor the situation for five minutes to see if the smell dissipated. Panic grew among the passengers as the smell persisted.

The Shocking Revelation

Finally, after a tense few minutes, the pilot revealed the source of the odor: a fruit. To everyone’s surprise, it was durian, the notorious King of Fruits known for its strong smell. Kate was initially skeptical but later accepted that durian was indeed the culprit.


The comment section on Ferguson’s post was filled with laughter. Many netizens guessed it was durian as soon as Kate mentioned a fruit. One user shared a similar story of their office being evacuated due to a durian candy mistaken for a gas leak.

This amusing yet chaotic in-flight experience highlights the global infamy of durian’s pungent aroma, proving once again that this fruit can cause a stir even at 30,000 feet.


@Katemicucci is always interesting. On this weeks Joy she explains the terrifying nature and real world ramifications of contraband produce. EnJOY! #joy #thecraigfergusonshow #katemicucci #garfunkelandoates

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