Eros Sheila On 7 Auctions Personal Guitar for Gaza Over RM90,000!

Source: Instagram | smosyu_music

Personal items often have sentimental value for their owners, especially when owned by influential individuals in their fields.

Recently, Eros Chandra, the guitarist of Sheila On 7, auctioned off his personal guitar to support Gaza. The market price for his Fender Telecaster Signature Eros Chandra guitar is around RM5,900.

However, according to an Instagram post, the Fender Telecaster Signature Eros Chandra #28 guitar is his personal instrument and was used at the “Wait for Me in Jakarta 2023” concert, which was the group’s first concert after the pandemic.

The auction was held on the Instagram account @smosyu_music for one day, starting at Rs.5,000,000 (about RM1,444).

Eros’ personal guitar was won by a man with the username @cyberbagus, with the highest bid of Rs.125,000,000, which is about RM36,000, when the auction closed on June 9, 2024.

More surprisingly, the second and third highest bidders also donated their bids of Rs.110,100,000 (about RM31,800) and Rs.100,000,000 (about RM28,900) to Gaza through Baznas, a government agency in Indonesia that receives and distributes zakat and donations.

Overall, the ‘Guitar Auction for Gaza’ managed to raise Rs.325,100,000, which is about RM93,966, to be handed over to Gaza.

This is not the first time Eros has sold his guitar for a good cause. His guitar was previously sold for RM11,000 at the Aji Ridha Divine – Opick And Sakti Live in Kuala Lumpur Concert in 2023, with the proceeds donated to help the people of Gaza.

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