“Every car is like a supercar! Drive a Toyota, but drive it like a Maserati.” – A Taiwanese man expressed his concerns when driving in Malaysia.

Source ; xiaohongshu.com

When traveling to new places, we often encounter things that surprise us and take time to adjust to. This was the case for a Taiwanese content creator who shared his experience upon arriving in Malaysia.

In a viral post on Xiao Hong Shu (RED) by @鬍子大叔老K, the man was astonished by the speed of many Malaysian drivers on the roads. He vividly described his observations of driving habits here.

“They drive like they’re in a race! I saw a Toyota driver, but it felt like he was driving a Maserati!”

He also mentioned seeing drivers speeding up to 120km/h, which shocked him. However, speed wasn’t the only concern he had about Malaysian drivers.

“Where are your turn signals? This is a major issue in Taiwan!”

The man noticed that many Malaysian drivers don’t use their indicators when changing lanes, a practice uncommon in Taiwan. Initially fearful, he gradually adjusted with the help of his Malaysian friends.

“I was scared at first because I wasn’t used to it, but my friend assured me the driver was going to switch lanes. In Taiwan, not using indicators is a serious offense!”

He emphasized the importance of using indicators, which is strictly enforced in Taiwan. He questioned if similar measures could be implemented here, especially considering how some drivers change lanes without signaling.

Lastly, the man mentioned honking, not out of anger, but as a warning.

“I honk when a car gets too close, but my friends told me not to do it randomly because it scares others.”

As Malaysians, what other driving habits do you notice? Do you think reporting drivers who don’t use indicators is necessary?

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