Foreign Girl Reviews Malaysian Olympic Attire, Claims It Looks Like School Sports Uniforms

Source: Tiktok | @beejamieson

As many are aware, the unveiling of the official Olympic attire for the Malaysian contingent for the Paris 2024 Olympics took place last Sunday.

These official outfits are a source of national pride, showcasing the country’s image on the global stage.

Alongside Malaysia, other countries also launched their official athlete uniforms. Many of these outfits were so impressive that they resembled fashion showpieces.

However, recently, Malaysia’s official attire received criticism for not being as stylish or appealing as those from other countries.

A foreign girl was seen giving negative comments about the Malaysian athletes’ outfits.

In the video, the girl was asked to comment on Malaysia’s official athlete attire.

Initially, she mentioned that the unveiling gimmick was quite suspenseful, with blue fabric covering the uniforms on the mannequins.

She also criticized the choice of displaying the outfits on mannequins, questioning why real people weren’t used, especially since Malaysia has a population of 34 million.

The girl went on to say that the official uniforms looked like public school sportswear and failed to instill a sense of pride among Malaysians.


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