From Engineer to Veggie King: Ipoh Guy’s Swiss Farming Adventure

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Imagine swapping your suit and tie for overalls and a straw hat. That’s precisely what Eryzal Zainal did. A former telecom and oil & gas engineer from Ipoh, Malaysia, he ditched his corporate gig for a life as a vegetable farmer in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland. It’s like trading traffic jams for tractor rides, but for Eryzal, it’s the recipe for a fulfilling life.

Eryzal, now 41, embarked on this unexpected journey alongside his wife, Zsuzsanna, and their adorable 5-year-old daughter, Inez. The family left Malaysia in 2017 and settled in Sorens, Switzerland. The transition from city life to the serene countryside marked the beginning of their farming saga.

It all started when Eryzal bid farewell to his corporate hustle in 2014, diving into conservation projects back home. Then came the globetrotting phase, where he and his wife volunteered on farms across different countries. What began as a quest to understand the roots of their food blossomed into a love for sustainable farming.

Their Swiss farming chronicle unfolded organically. Beginning with a modest plot near their home, Eryzal’s farming dreams sprouted with the support of friendly neighbors. From odd jobs in the village, he transitioned into a full-time farmer after being offered agricultural land.

Their farming gear evolved too, starting from makeshift tools to a trusty two-wheeled tractor. Now, their weekly harvest includes a variety of salads, radishes, and tomatoes, all sold at local markets. Picture this: Eryzal proudly displaying his veggies, swapping engineering blueprints for crop yields.

Beyond the harvest, farming for Eryzal is about cultivating community bonds. Each week, they set up shop at local markets, connecting with customers who appreciate the sustainable produce. It’s not just about veggies; it’s about friendships, the joy of a family harvest, and the timeless lessons nature teaches about patience and resilience.

So, if you find yourself stuck in the corporate grind, dreaming of green fields and fresh air, Eryzal’s story might just inspire you to trade the office view for a farm vista. After all, there’s more to life than spreadsheets – sometimes, it’s about sowing the seeds of a new adventure.

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