Malaysian Exotic Mini Zoo Owner Adds a Twist to Laundry Day – Hangs Out Snakes Instead!

source : TikTok | amarrydha97

The age-old debate about snakes – fear or fascination? Well, for TikTok content creator Amar Rydha, owner of Yan’z Exotic Mini Zoo in Yan, Kedah, it’s all about the love for these slithering creatures. In a surprising turn of events captured on his TikTok account @amarrydha97, Amar decided to take a break from the ordinary and have some fun with his snakes.

The video kicks off with Amar seemingly gearing up for a typical chore – hanging clothes out to dry on a clothes rack. However, brace yourself for the unexpected twist – instead of clothes, he pulls out a basket of snakes. Casually hanging them on the clothes rack, each snake seems to embrace the new role as a fashion statement, chilling on the rack with ease. In a multitasking marvel, Amar even handles two snakes in one hand at one point.

The grand finale showcases all the snakes comfortably lounging on the clothes rack, making laundry day a wild and amusing affair.

Source: TikTok | amarrydha97
Source: TikTok | amarrydha97

Injecting a touch of humor into the situation, Amar cheekily captions his post, “As husbands, we have to help our wives hang the clothes to dry.”

The unexpected sight left many viewers doing a double-take, with one commenter admitting they initially thought it was clothes before realizing they were snakes. Some even joked about considering a new clothes rack if faced with the same surprise.

Source: TikTok | amarrydha97

Of course, there were light-hearted jests directed at Amar, with one user humorously expressing concern about being his neighbor. Another user playfully commented on the “pretty batik fabric” – referring to the snakes in good humor.

In the world of Amar’s Exotic Mini Zoo, even laundry day becomes a wild adventure! 🐍😄

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