“I Love Curry” – Singaporean Competitive Eater Tackles 8kg of Penang Nasi Kandar in 1 Hour, Spending RM300!

Source: Tiktok | @zermattneo

For food lovers, competitive eating might sound like the ultimate dream job, but it demands more than just a hearty appetite. Singaporean competitive eater Zermatt Neo recently showcased his extraordinary eating skills in Penang, taking on a massive plate of nasi kandar and capturing the internet’s attention.

A Culinary Challenge in Penang

Zermatt Neo, a well-known competitive eater from Singapore, documented his impressive feat in a video on TikTok. During his visit to a famous nasi kandar restaurant in Penang, the staff presented him with an enormous serving of the dish, proudly claiming it to be their largest ever. Zermatt, who is also a full-time content creator, embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

From a Dare to a Passionate Career

At 37, Zermatt shared that his journey into competitive eating began with a dare, which eventually turned into his full-time career. His deep love for food and a penchant for exploring diverse street cuisines across different countries have driven his success in this unique field.

“I’ve always wanted to take on a nasi kandar challenge because I adore curry rice. This has definitely been the highlight of my Penang trip,” Zermatt enthused.

An Expensive Feast

In the video, Zermatt set himself a one-hour limit to finish the colossal plate of nasi kandar, determined to eat it all by himself. He noted that the dish included at least five different types of curry, with the fish head being the priciest component.

“It took me a full hour to finish, and it cost me RM300, making it the most I’ve ever ordered and consumed by myself,” Zermatt remarked.

A Viral Sensation

This impressive eating challenge quickly went viral, amassing 2.1 million views and 120.6K likes at the time of writing. Zermatt’s remarkable eating abilities and his love for curry have captivated viewers, making this an unforgettable episode in his culinary adventures.


Offically set a new record for the most Nasi Kandar devoured by a single soul with this 300RM beast at @nasikandarsulaiman ! I challenge anyone to dethrone me, but be warned – this 8KG throne is made of rice 👊👊 #foodchallenge

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