Keanu Reeves Lookalike Spotted Washing Dishes and Selling Grilled Cuttlefish in Thailand

Source: Tiktok | @abdeentube 

A man who looks remarkably like Keanu Reeves has recently been seen in Thailand, doing things quite different from what you’d expect from John Wick.

In a series of TikTok videos by @tuktiklife, this doppelgänger can be seen making drinks, washing dishes, and even wearing elephant pants while selling grilled cuttlefish from a motorbike.

One video, showing the lookalike making coffee at a Thai stall while wearing an apron, has racked up over 6.1 million views.

In another clip, the man is seen riding a motorbike, selling grilled cuttlefish.

This video has over 6.6 million views, with many viewers making cheeky John Wick references in the comments.

In another scene, dressed in a white shirt and tie, the lookalike is washing dishes by the roadside, while people passing by snap photos with him.

Thai media outlets Thaiger and The Nation reported that some people wondered if this lookalike might be Keanu Reeves’ stunt double, possibly filming a new John Wick movie in Thailand.

However, according to Thai PBS World, this isn’t possible as Keanu Reeves is currently in the US working on a new music project and has cut his hair short.

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Video :

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