Loan Sharks Demand RM6.8K for RM400 Loan, Threaten Teen with RM10K Bounty on Her Limbs

Source: WOB

When dealing with loan sharks, peace of mind is a luxury you lose—especially if you can’t keep up with their sky-high interest rates. A 19-year-old girl recently found herself in deep trouble after borrowing money from the wrong people.

The girl, who works as a saleswoman, borrowed RM400 online from loan sharks. She tried to cancel the loan before receiving the money, but it was too late—the loan sharks deposited the money and demanded RM6,800 in return due to exorbitant interest rates.

Initially, she had sought the loan to cover living expenses after quitting her part-time job. Once she realized the outrageous interest, she wanted to back out, but the loan sharks wouldn’t have it. They insisted she pay RM1,000 by a certain date. When she couldn’t, they began to intimidate her and her family.

The debt quickly ballooned from RM1,000 to RM6,800. Facing this impossible amount, she was further terrorized by the loan sharks who posted “bounty orders” offering RM10,000 for her limbs and even threatened to sell her to a job scam syndicate in Cambodia.

Fearing for her safety, she and her family sought help from the MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau and held a press conference to raise awareness about her situation.

Hopefully, this brave move will lead to a safer outcome for her and her family, as no one should have to live in such fear.

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