Malaysian Lawyer Faces Late-Night Harassment by Ghost Knocking on Condo Door and Window at 3am

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Harassment is a widespread issue in Malaysia, taking various forms like verbal abuse, physical intimidation, online bullying, stalking, and unwanted advances. But what if the harassment came from a ghost? Recently, posted a video documenting an eerie experience at his condo in Selangor.

“Can’t believe I’m getting harassed by a ghost”

In his video, Leo Ong, a conveyancing lawyer, shares his ordeal of being harassed by an unknown presence, a ghost, with frequent knocks on his door in the middle of the night.

For over two weeks, Leo has been disturbed by these late-night knocks at his condo.

“Let me know if there’s any way to stop this”

Leo explains that at exactly 2:55 am, he wakes up to repetitive knocks on his door, but upon checking, no one is there. What’s even creepier is that his front door is behind a barricaded gate, so no one could have knocked without passing through the gate first.

Trying suggestions from netizens

In another video, Leo responds to various suggestions from netizens. Many recommended playing a mantra, reciting Surah Yassin, or using amulets. Some even offered to help eliminate the ghost on his behalf.

He notes that the knocking doesn’t happen every night but every one or two days, always at the same time.

“It’s not consistent, it only happens every 1 or 2 days, but the timing is always consistent. The knocking starts at 2:55 am. Now I’m wondering if that means anything,” he said.

The knocking stops but shifts

In a third video, Leo is seen minding his own business, playing Surah Yassin in the background while having instant ramen, which was jokingly suggested by someone in the comments. He mentions that the prayers seemed to stop the knocking on the door, but then the knocking started on his window instead.

Though the occurrences continue, Leo shares that he now feels less scared and more annoyed by the situation, hoping it will end soon.

“I’m also grateful to all Malaysians who have helped and provided suggestions, regardless of race or religion,” he added.

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