Malaysian’s Glassy Surprise: Mamak Milo with Extra Crunch!

Source: TikTok | @abangjendul

Dining out is supposed to be a joyous experience, right? Good food, good company, and, well, safety? Yeah, safety is kind of important too. Let me tell you about a recent incident that will make you think twice before taking that sip.

Our fellow Malaysian, @abamjendul, went on TikTok to share a dinner date turned nightmare at a place in Hulu Langat. The poor guy, with curiosity in his eyes, noticed something fishy about his Milo drink. Lo and behold, upon closer inspection, he found not sugar crystals, not ice cubes, but pieces of glass chilling at the bottom of the cup.

“Imagine you’re at a mamak joint, sipping your Milo, and bam! Glass bits in your drink. Every customer’s worst nightmare, right?”

Our man here, in detective mode, carefully placed the glassy bits on a tissue. Oh, and here’s the kicker – the Milo disaster wasn’t even his; it was his wife’s! She took a sip, felt something weird, and voila, a glassy surprise.

To make things more legit, he flashed the receipt – roti canai, roti telur, iced Milo, and iced coffee – as if saying, “Hey, we ordered this, and look what we got.”

Now, our man put on his Sherlock Holmes hat and came up with a theory. He thinks the glassy surprise happened during the drink preparation. Picture this: hot water meets glass container, a sudden shatter, and pieces blending with the drink without anyone noticing. It’s like a crime scene in a mamak joint!

Concerned netizens flooded the comments. “Imagine someone not using a straw and getting a crunchy surprise.” One shared a horror story, “Ordered chicken on-the-go from a mamak, only to find it had a worm party. Straight into the trash it went.”

Lesson learned: Maybe inspect your Milo next time, or just go for a straw. Who knows what your next beverage adventure might uncover!

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