“Malaysian Woman Determined to Get Driving License Before Aliff Aziz”

Source: Tiktok | @pinkpomme

Recently, social media was abuzz with discussions about sensational actor Aliff Aziz allegedly not having a driving license, sparking various reactions from the public.

It came to light that the actor had been driving a car gifted by his wife, Bella Astilla, to various locations without a valid license.

However, what caught the attention of many was a woman who decided to use this as motivation to learn driving.

In a TikTok post, she expressed her determination to obtain a driving license before Aliff Aziz.

“Finally, I’m learning to drive so I can get my license before Aliff Aziz!” she wrote in the video.

Quick, sis, Aliff Aziz has already settled his lecture!

Glancing at the comments section, most netizens found the woman’s jest amusing, and many joked about hurrying up to get their licenses.

Many feel motivated to get their licenses!

Moreover, many were motivated to obtain their licenses before Aliff Aziz, and some even expressed relief for having already completed the process earlier.


he’s my biggest rival now ‼️

♬ Sayang Sayang (Speed-Up) – Aliff Aziz

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