M’sian Shares Food She Misses as a Sabahan Living in KL

Source: Tiktok | @bucintirs

A Sabahan netizen living in Kuala Lumpur shared a TikTok video about the food items she misses from home. She shows off a package she received, filled with Sabah-specific goodies, and explains why each item is special.

The Flour Fiasco

First up, a bag of all-purpose flour used for frying chicken. “I got a 1kg bag of flour. Sure, you can get this here, but they sell them in small batches.”

The Soy Sauce Surprise

Next, she reveals a heavier package containing bottles of soy sauce. “If you’re a Sabahan, you’ll recognize this brand. It’s perfect with chillies,” she says.

Sabahan Loyalty Test

“If you don’t like this, I seriously question if you’re really a Sabahan,” she jokes.

What Do You Miss?

What are your favorite items from your hometown? Share them in the comments below!


if there is only 1 kicap cap ayam lover, that is me. thank you adik terbaik

♬ original sound – atirahmajid – atirahmajid

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