“My friend paid RM21,000 for 3 days of normal birth in a private hospital” -Shila Amzah chooses to give birth at semi-goverment hospital.

Source: Source : Instagram | shahilaamzah

Getting ready to welcome her second bundle of joy soon, singer Shila Amzah stated that she decided to give birth at Hospital Canselor Tuanku Mukriz UKM (HUKM). According to Shila, or her full name, Nurshahila Amir Amzah, 34, she chose that hospital because of the reasonable treatment costs. Another reason is that the hospital is partly government-owned.

“I chose to give birth at HUKM because it’s a mix of government and private. Plus, there’s an option for private care. But all the specialists are there, so if anything happens, it’s convenient. Previously, I was supposed to have a normal delivery, but complications arose, and I had to go to the emergency department. But the bill wasn’t crazy expensive.”

Shila shared this during a Q&A session on her Instagram Story recently, answering questions from her followers.

Meanwhile, the singer of the song ‘Masih Aku Cinta’ also shared her friend’s experience giving birth in a private hospital and being charged RM21,000 for three days.

“My friend delivered in a private hospital in KL and had a normal delivery. But after just three days in the hospital without any medication, she was charged RM21,000.”

For your information, Shila officially became the wife of influencer Ubai MZ on August 5, 2023, and is now expecting her first child from their shared life journey. Shila was previously divorced from Haris Idraki on February 8, 2022, after four years of marriage, and from their marriage, they were blessed with a son, Seth Uwais.

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