PLKN 3.0 to Begin in June 2025 with Separate Camps for Men and Women

Source: The Rakyat Post

The controversial new version of Malaysia’s National Service Training Program, PLKN 3.0, is set to launch in June 2025 with major changes, including separate camps for men and women.

Defence Minister’s Announcement

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin announced that PLKN 3.0 will be divided into two phases: the Pre-PLKN Phase and the PLKN Phase. The program, which was reintroduced last year, will involve 45 days of training with the Territorial Army, targeting 4,000 participants across 13 military camps. This approach aims to reduce government spending while providing participants with real military and police training experiences.

Program Timeline and Structure

According to a report by Sinar Harian, the phased implementation of PLKN 3.0 will start in early June 2025. The Pre-PLKN Phase will take place in schools during co-curricular activities for Form Four students, while the PLKN Phase will involve teenagers aged 17 and above.

Training Modules

The Basic PLKN Phase will consist of 30% national service modules and 70% military training. Participants will have the opportunity to undergo advanced training in fields of their interest. The national service modules, developed by the Ministry of Higher Education, focus on self-identity, patriotism, and unity. The military training modules, managed by the Ministry of Defence, will emphasize experiential learning and group training. Participants will learn skills such as punctuality, discipline, organization, and self-reliance, akin to a soldier’s lifestyle.

Gender-Specific Camps

In a controversial move, Mohamed Khaled confirmed plans to separate camps by gender, ensuring each camp hosts only one gender. This proposal aims to address concerns about mixed-gender environments. The pilot project will involve two of the 13 Territorial Army camps, accommodating 1,000 participants.

Eligibility Criteria

Contrary to earlier rumors, the Ministry of Defence clarified that PLKN 3.0 participants will be selected based on their birth year, specifically those born in 2007 and later. The age limit of 35 years, which caused confusion, pertains only to cases where participants must defer training due to important commitments.

Stay tuned for more updates on this controversial program as it prepares to roll out next year.

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