Popular Malay Drama Filming Location ‘Rumah Biru’ to Be Demolished for Project Development

Source: Facebook | Shafiq Abdullah

For fans of Malay dramas and films, you surely recognize the popular filming spot known as ‘Rumah Biru,’ right?

This house, located in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, has captured many hearts with its traditional Malay architecture.

Moreover, its picturesque setting with a backdrop of KLCC has made it a favorite location for many in the entertainment industry to shoot dramas and films.

Making Way for Project Development

In a Facebook post by Shafiq Abdullah, he shared the bittersweet news.

According to Shafiq, he and his family will be moving out to allow for the implementation of a new project involving the reconstruction of an underground culvert beneath the house.

He also mentioned that the Kuala Lumpur Department of Irrigation and Drainage will take approximately four years to complete the project.

“Therefore, we are officially moving out of Rumah Biru for the next 3 to 4 years, hoping that we will return to our land after the project is completed.

“Thank you to all the visitors, whether official or unofficial, who came to our house to take photos.

“Rumah Biru Sign OFF,” he wrote.

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