Rolling on Rails: Thai Travel Vlogger Takes a Spin on Malaysia’s KTM Intercity Sleeper Train

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In a recent online sensation, a Thai travel vlogger rolled through the hilariously fascinating world of Malaysia’s KTM Intercity sleeper train, journeying from Pasir Mas, Kelantan to JB Sentral in Johor. Malaysians were caught in fits of laughter as they watched her quirky review, even with the language barrier.

The comedic Thai content creator, Natcha NCS, shared her escapade on Facebook, earning a whopping 29,900 reactions and counting. Despite the language difference, Malaysians were captivated by her distinctive presentation style and thoughts on the KTM Intercity train service.

Starting her journey in Pasir Mas and heading to JB Sentral, Natcha unveiled the secrets of the KTM Intercity train, beginning with the first-class sleeper coach. Priced at RM113 or approximately THB870, she amusingly demonstrated the seat’s impressive reclining capacity and ample legroom – features that genuinely won her over.

Switching gears to the regular seating coach, which comes at a more budget-friendly RM43 or around THB331, Natcha continued her comedic exploration. Testing the seat’s reclining capabilities and showcasing the foldable table at the front, she couldn’t help but be impressed.

Navigating to the next destination on her journey – the toilets – Natcha playfully interacted with the button that magically opened the toilet door. After the cheeky door opening, she showcased the train’s lavatories with an extra dash of humor.

The adventure continued with a visit to the 24-hour operational cafe coach, boasting a variety of food options. Choosing the Malaysian classic, mee goreng for RM8 and a soothing Teh Tarik for RM2, Natcha substituted the missing fried egg with a cheeky emoji, having already enjoyed it off-screen.

Wrapping up her expedition, Natcha took her audience into the sleeper coach she booked for herself. Highlighting the affordable sleeping berth at RM55 or THB440, she sprawled out on the upper bunk, appreciating the thoughtful sleeping light by the side. With a whimsical “goodnight” to her audience, Natcha drifted off to sleep on the train – a journey filled with laughter, insights, and a newfound appreciation for Malaysia’s KTM Intercity sleeper train. All aboard for a rollicking ride through the rail experience!

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