“Spiderman’s Scandal: Tobey Maguire, 49, Allegedly Dating 20-Year-Old half Malaysian Model Lily Chee”

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Age gaps in Hollywood romances are nothing new, but this one has tongues wagging. The original Spiderman actor, Tobey Maguire, 49, is reportedly dating 20-year-old half-Malaysian model Lily Chee.

In the entertainment industry, significant age differences often make headlines. For instance, Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen is 18 years older than his wife, Cissy Wang. Similarly, Leonardo DiCaprio, famous for dating women under 25, turns 50 this year.

Recently, Tobey Maguire was spotted at the White Party on July 4th with Lily Chee, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship. The Hollywood actor was seen with his arm around the young model, and the images quickly went viral, shared by the X page @21metgala.

While dating in showbiz is usually not a big deal, the substantial age gap between Tobey and Lily has certainly raised eyebrows. Tobey, 49, has a daughter just three years younger than Lily, who is 20.

As of now, neither Tobey nor Lily have commented on the viral photos. Lily Chee, born in Atlanta, has a Malaysian Chinese father and an Irish mother.

Social media users wasted no time in bringing the matter to the attention of Tobey’s ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer. She responded to the viral images, denying any romantic relationship and stating that Tobey was just being a gentleman. “I don’t usually respond to such nonsense, but he was kindly helping a friend to her car, being a good guy,” she shared on her Instagram @jenmeyerjewelry.

Meyer also had a message for those quick to believe rumors: “Don’t believe everything you read. I’m sure you were taught that somewhere. Tobey is as good of a guy as it gets.”

Tobey and Meyer were married in 2007 and separated in 2016.

What do you think about this? Does an age gap matter if both people are happy and healthy in the relationship?

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