Stranded Taiwan Tourist Moved to Tears by Selfless Sabahans Who Went Above & Beyond to Help Her

Source: Instagram | zoebitalk

Foreign travel YouTubers and influencers often choose Malaysia as their destination because of our beautiful sceneries, amazing food, and hospitable people.

For a Taiwanese YouTuber and her partner, it was the Malaysian people’s hospitality that made her cry during their recent trip to Sabah.

Zoebitalk肉比頭 shared on her YouTube and Instagram how their motorcycle got a flat tyre on a remote road in Sabah. Luckily, a Malaysian man passed by and stopped to help them and their motorcycle get to a nearby town.

In her Instagram post, she wrote, “Busting a tyre in the mountains, being made to cry by Malaysians.”

In her video, she and her partner are seen inspecting their flat tyre by the side of a deserted road. As they wondered what to do, a white pickup truck stopped, and the driver immediately offered to help.

The Malaysian man moved his pickup truck to make it easier for them to load the motorcycle onto the truck’s bed. Other passengers in the pickup easily made room for the Taiwanese duo and their motorcycle.

As they travelled to the nearby town, Zoebitalk肉比頭 started to cry, moved by how the driver and his passengers helped them without hesitation.

When they arrived at a workshop, Zoebitalk肉比頭 tried to offer the pickup truck’s driver some money. It turns out that the group was heading to work and had been on the road for half an hour when they found the stranded duo.

Helping them took another half an hour, and they still had to travel back to work, which would take another half an hour.

Feeling bad for delaying their journey, Zoebitalk肉比頭 tried to give the man some money, but he quickly refused and handed the money back to her.

“No, no, because we are Malaysian. This is my village.”

At this point, Zoebitalk肉比頭 started tearing up again.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t (cry), don’t (cry),” the Malaysian man added before they said their goodbyes and went on their way. Okay, we’re also crying now.

Kudos to the abang and his friends in Sabah for helping the duo!

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