The SPM 2023 Results Are In: Over 11,000 Candidates Ace Their Exams

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The 2023 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results have just been released, and it seems like students have outdone themselves this time. The National Average Grade (GPN) stands at 4.60, an improvement from 2022’s 4.74, indicating a better overall performance.

This year, a total of 11,713 candidates achieved straight A’s across all subjects, showing a significant rise compared to the 10,109 candidates in 2022. It’s clear that more students are reaching for the stars academically.

Moreover, there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of candidates securing at least a passing grade in all subjects. In 2023, 83,112 candidates achieved an average grade, scoring at least a C for all subjects, up from 75,322 candidates in 2022.

Overall, 131,480 candidates passed all subjects in the 2023 SPM, an increase of 3,296 candidates from the previous year. This translates to 93.5% of candidates receiving their SPM certificate this year, compared to 91.6% in 2022.

However, the total number of candidates who took the SPM in 2023 dipped slightly compared to 2022, with 373,525 candidates sitting for the exam, down from 373,974. Nevertheless, the performance of both urban and rural candidates has shown improvement, narrowing the achievement gap to 0.43 points, consistent with 2022.

It’s worth noting that fewer Form Five students opted to sit for the SPM in 2023, with only 10,000 skipping compared to 30,000 in 2022.

“We’ll delve into the reasons behind this decline and implement measures to address the issue,” said Education Director-General Azman Adnan during the announcement of the SPM 2023 results analysis today, 27 May.

Candidates can collect their results from their respective schools starting today or check them online via MyResultSPM. They can also obtain their results by sending an SMS with their SPM number and exam number to 15888.

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