TikTok Influencer Sets Record, Eats RM300 Worth of Nasi Kandar in Penang

Source: Facebook

A man has captured the attention of many by purchasing a RM300 nasi kandar meal in Penang.

This story was shared by the Facebook page of Nasi Kandar Sulaiman (NKS) on Wednesday morning, revealing that the customer was a popular content creator from Singapore.

The man in question is Zermatt Neo, a well-known TikTok influencer famous for his food videos.

According to the NKS Facebook admin, Zermatt set a new record by spending RM300 on a nasi kandar meal for himself, marking the highest amount ever recorded at NKS.

“RM300. Record-breaking. All-time biggest ever record. One person eating. A Singaporean. He’s a TikTok influencer who makes videos of eating large quantities of food. He even brought a tray.

“His TikTok name is Zermatt Neo. This time he came to NKS and ate RM300 worth of nasi kandar. The highest record in NKS history. We didn’t invite him; he came on his own to eat,” said the NKS Facebook admin.

This isn’t the first time NKS has recorded high-value nasi kandar purchases. Previously, a man went viral for spending RM218 on nasi kandar at the same establishment.

The post about Zermatt Neo also received various reactions from netizens.

Some were impressed with Zermatt’s ability to eat such a large quantity, while others saw it as a sign of wealth.

“We’re full after one plate, he eats a whole tray,” commented one netizen.

“Zermatt is a competitive eater. Eating a tray of nasi kandar is nothing for him,” wrote another.

“The true definition of being rich,” added another netizen humorously.

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