UK singer Henry Moodie overwhelmed by Malaysian reception at TRX

Source: Instagram | HenryMoodie

UK singer Henry Moodie was pleasantly surprised by the warm reception from Malaysian fans during his recent free show at The Exchange TRX. The turnout was overwhelming, with fans swarming the mall to catch his performance. Some enthusiasts even joined in the sing-along outside due to the large crowd.

Despite knowing that most of his Spotify listeners are from Malaysia, Moodie expressed his astonishment at the huge turnout. He mentioned that everyone was exceptionally kind, and he was touched by the support shown by his Malaysian fans.

While anticipating a crowd, Moodie and his team never expected it to be that massive. He apologized to those who couldn’t see him perform due to the overwhelming attendance.

His free shows are his way of expressing gratitude to his fans, ensuring that everyone can enjoy his live performances. Moodie noted that his fame in Southeast Asia contrasts with his life back home in England, where he can lead a more low-key existence.

Currently working on new music, Moodie is selecting songs for his upcoming releases, promising a much happier tone compared to his previous works. He will be heading to Jakarta, Indonesia, for his next live performance on May 8.

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