Video of Foreign Worker Smiling While Eating ‘Nasi Air Kosong’ Moves Netizens

Source: Tiktok | @BenIsmail

Working in a foreign country often demands sacrifices in many aspects of life.

A TikTok user shared an experience of meeting a foreign worker who remained cheerful despite eating plain rice with just water.

“Earlier, I met a very diligent cleaning worker. During their break, I noticed he was eating rice with just water.

“When I asked, he said he needed to send money back home. Despite eating like this, he kept smiling. When some rice fell, he picked it up.

“Masya-Allah, may they always be blessed with Allah’s sustenance. Amin,” shared TikTok user @ben.ismail_.

This video post resonated deeply with many viewers, making them realize how often they take their own blessings for granted.

The situation also reminded people of the hardships their parents endured to raise them.

Some netizens mentioned they would start packing extra food in the morning to give to workers toiling under the scorching sun.

Meanwhile, others suggested that companies employing laborers should consider providing additional meals so their workers don’t have to rely on such minimal sustenance.

“They are human beings just like us, seeking a halal livelihood in a foreign land,” remarked one netizen.

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