Za, the beautiful wanderer, loves backpacking… Beginners can try these 4 countries first, even RM1,000 is already sufficient.

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Frequently, we hear the term ‘backpacker,’ which is an alternative way of traveling that is more budget-friendly. A woman known as Za or her full name Zahirah, 27, has experience traveling to nearly 10 countries and is comfortable applying the ‘backpacker’ concept in her vacations.

“When we travel as backpackers, the priority is no longer to have a comfortable vacation but to experience the place we are visiting thoroughly. I can conclude that backpacking is about being an adventurer.

“For example, when I travel as a backpacker, I only bring one bag and then immerse myself among the locals. I will try to get the cheapest accommodations and so on.

“As far as the few countries I’ve been to, I can say New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, and India are among the backpacker-friendly countries.

According to Za, expenses for backpacking vacations abroad only require costs of less than RM1,000, excluding flight tickets.

Za at Taj Mahal & Kashmir, India.
The journey of Za backpacking through India by train.
Za’s backpacking trip to Mount Rinjani, Indonesia.
Za climbing Mount Taranaki in New Zealand.
Za’s backpacking trip in New Zealand.
Za’s vacation in Krabi, Thailand.

Let’s follow some tips shared by Za, especially for those who want to dabble in backpacking vacations:

1.Prepare your mindset

Traveling as a backpacker is very different from regular vacations. There are no plush beds, air-conditioned rooms, comfortable toilets, hotel buffets, regular transportation, and so on.

You must be prepared to face any challenges while exploring unfamiliar areas.

If you want a smooth vacation with peace of mind, chances are you’re not ready for a backpacking vacation.

Even though there are twists and turns to be faced during backpacker adventures, these things actually make your vacation more memorable.

2. Lighten your load

There’s no shame in asking for directions. If you’re an introvert, backpacking may not be for you.

Based on her experience, Za says someone who wants to travel as a backpacker needs to be sociable and make new acquaintances.

Backpackers have their own community in every country worldwide. You can find them on social media like Facebook and blogs.

Before starting your journey, chat with them to get a rough idea and important information about the country you want to vacation in.

Your friends from the backpacker community will grow with each trip. From there, you can start planning to travel in groups, which is more fun!


It cannot be denied, every country visited will definitely have a few who have ill intentions.

Wherever you go when backpacking, make sure you inform your family or friends in Malaysia about your whereabouts.

Especially if you are a woman, always be aware of your surroundings and the body language of those near you.

Also, it is a responsibility to research by reading reviews on websites or social media, you can avoid entering high-risk areas.

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