77-Year-Old Malaysian Wows Crowd by Deadlifting 40kgs Solo – No Cue Needed!

Source: TikTok | @narresh_paramanathan

Let me tell you about Uncle Paramanathan, the real-life superhero who’s breaking the age barrier and pumping up those muscles at 77! Forget the gym trainers and motivational quotes; this uncle is showing Malaysians that it’s never too late to flex those muscles.

The legendary moment was captured in a TikTok video by his son, Coach Narresh Paramanathan, who, by the way, has a Master’s degree in Sports Science. This video, shared on his TikTok @narresh_paramanathan, has got the internet buzzing. Why? Because it features his 77-year-old dad deadlifting a solid 40kgs, and get this – he did it all on his own without any cues from his coach-son!

Now, why would Uncle Paramanathan decide to embark on such a fitness journey at this age? Well, his son convinced him that deadlifts could be the magical remedy for his back and knee pain. And guess what? No cue needed, and he’s lifting like a champ!

In a previous TikTok video, Coach Narresh revealed the struggles his dad faced with back and knee pain, especially when trying to squeeze into a car. Fast forward to today, with just two easy-breezy training sessions a week, the improvements are remarkable, and Uncle Paramanathan is looking forward to these weekly sweat sessions.

“There have been a lot of improvements with his health, and he looks forward to our weekly sessions together,” proudly shared Narresh.

Now, they don’t have a specific weight goal in mind for Uncle Paramanathan. Instead, the main mission is to make sure he lives his later years pain-free and full of strength. But, who knows? Coach Narresh cheekily added, “If he can deadlift 100kgs someday, he can also compete in a powerlifting competition too.”

The online community is cheering for Uncle Paramanathan’s remarkable journey, applauding not just his strength but also the consistency he brings to his training sessions with his son.

“This is impressive! Ever since I saw that transformation video, it proved that it’s never too late to start something new,” wrote one user.

So, there you have it – the inspiring tale of Uncle Paramanathan, the deadlifting sensation who’s rewriting the rules of age! Keep flexing, Uncle!

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