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A Chinese man became a hero by saving his favorite nasi lemak shop from closing due to unpaid rent. The shop was on the verge of shutting down because the owner couldn’t afford to pay a year’s worth of rent.

Known as Sunny Coco, the man stepped in and gave the shop owner some money, asking him to settle the overdue rent. This nasi lemak spot held a special place in Sunny’s heart, as he had been eating there since he was 7 years old. The business has been passed down from his grandfather through three generations.

The shop faced difficulties when the bus stopped coming by, leading to a drop in customers and the owner struggling to pay rent. In sharing his story, Sunny questioned why the government didn’t step in to help and emphasized that, as a Chinese man, he was willing to assist regardless of ethnicity. Fortunately, the issue was resolved, and the shop owner was allowed to continue operating.

Sunny’s actions remind us that kindness can come from anyone, and efforts to save family heritage and local businesses deserve support. Best of luck to the nasi lemak shop as it continues to operate!

Some netizens found humor in the situation, sarcastically suggesting that the squid must possess magical powers capable of turning someone into Aquaman at such a steep price. Others compared the cost to Mamak restaurants in Peninsular Malaysia, suggesting that for RM50, one could enjoy a fancy hotel buffet or even a satisfying steamboat meal.

Amid the laughter, a customer warned fellow diners to be cautious when dining at the restaurant, implying that they might be subject to random and exorbitant charges. Despite the amusing comments, the consensus among netizens was clear – the RM50 squid was indeed a shocker, prompting suggestions to buy squids from the market for a better-tasting and more budget-friendly experience.

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