“Cheated 11 times, even with Bella’s sister. What kind of man are you?” – Netizen

Source: MStar

During the ongoing divorce proceedings, Bella Astillah revealed another shocking fact about her husband Aliff Aziz’s affairs. Feeling tired of being treated this way repeatedly, this time she decided not to hide the pain in her heart anymore.

Bella, who once admired Aliff, had to turn away from him.

Behind the controversy of being accused of having an affair with a new actor named Muaz Zabir, which has been hotly discussed since this morning, Bella admitted that initially she only wanted to make Aliff jealous by pretending to be in love with another man and trying to get attention from her husband, who was cheating with two different women at the time. In an interview with the @xTra portal, she made this surprising confession openly.

Aliff had an affair with Bella’s sibling, whom Bella dearly loved.

Bella’s heart as a wife was further tested when her own sibling, Eriga Astillah, was found to have had a relationship with the singer from Singapore. Upon reflection, she felt regret because this incident had damaged the family ties, causing her not to return to her hometown anymore.

You say Aliff cheated 3-6 times, but it’s actually 11 times.

Furthermore, Bella also stated that Aliff Aziz’s actions were not only done four times as known by netizens.

Overall, Aliff has repeated his mistakes a total of 11 times in a row. For the first time, she revealed this bitter truth, asserting that she had strong evidence for all these disclosures.

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